Created for all:With a touch of magic

Created for all:With a touch of magic
Since the 11th century

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Time is closing in on the big hour!!!

Hello Nutcracker fans, we just ran across a great site Historic, hand made nutcrackers all the way from Germany, and at a great price. This is so heartwarming to see the craft still going after all these years. Oh and by the way, last night the elves made a greeeeat!!! Batch of gingerbread cookies, each one came out perfect, well at least the one's I didnt make that is lol, So I hope with only 2 more days till Santa makes his flight across the world to all the girls and boys who have been so good this year, that you have your own cookie recipe prepared for Santa. Well just wanted to say hello and hope all of you are checking the site out with all the free goodies for the kids to enjoy. And still not too late to write your letter to Santa either. He's actually still reading them as he does every year right up to the last toy request.

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