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Created for all:With a touch of magic
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Friday, December 3, 2010

Nutcracker Collecting Ideas

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Tonight I wanted to curl up under the Christmas tree to share some unknown knowledge about nutcracker collectors. The question alot of us have is how to actually go about collecting the valuable and fun filled wooden treasures. So here are some tips on collecting nutcrackers and a reference to learn more info.
What to collect:
I myself have been an avid collector of Steinbach nutcrackers, simply because I like the delicate way the figures are carved. But more so the classic style and history behind them always appealed to me.
"I want to start a nutcracker collection, but I don't know how to begin." is the question most ask me. So I thought I would offer some suggestions to the beginning collector. I want to devote this post just to the traditional wooden toy figures we know and are so accustomed to.
1st)Be creative and make it personable. Remember,this is YOUR collection, so you need to buy those nutcrackers that appeal the most to you, ones that you will enjoy having in your home.If you find authority figures appealing focus your attention on collecting, firemen, policemen,public officials, kings, and queens etc. Look for those in good condition and without paint skuffs or broken pieces, they will retain greater value.

2nd) Study them, learn who created them, which manufactor(these can be found online under nutcracker manufactorers, and which area of the country. You might want to collect only those from a specific artisian, example Steinbach, or Ulbrict, or perhaps Richard Glasser, maybe Muller Kleinkunst. The point is, whatever artistian or theme, focus on a target area, not a host of areas. This will help in your budget and in your market should you chose to resell or trade. For example you may want to collect only traditional Santas, or Hunters,, fisherman, or birdwatchers, if you like the outdoors. Or you may want to purchase different nutcrackers for many different seasons, or ones that relate to members of your family.
3rd) Keep informed. What I mean by this is to stay on top of the latest fairs, conventions, groups and clubs concerning Nutcrackers. This will help you stay on top of any new additions to your collection, suppliers, manufacturers, artists etc. Not to mention its a great way to sell your own items. If there isn't one in your area, become creative, start one up. There nothing more fun that a group that shares your own common interests.

4th Lastly, purchase Nutcrackers that have lasting value. There are alot of nutcrackers on the market today, buy quality, not quantity, it will pay off in the end. Most of all have fun, life is about experiences, make yours worthwhile.

Some people say you should start with a king, then all those that serve the king...guard, cook, hunter, etc. But this is not necessary. Your tastes and your budget should determine which nutcrackers to buy.
Some makers form a series such as the Nutcracker Ballet Series and feature the characters from the ballet, but again, it is not necessary for you to collect a whole series unless you truly like them, and if your budget will stand it!
We will discuss collecting Antique Nutcrackers and how to make money from your passion in the next blog post. Tune in. and Post comments, we love to hear from you all.

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