Created for all:With a touch of magic

Created for all:With a touch of magic
Since the 11th century

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Nutcracker Cookies

Hello to the world,
This year we have a special story that warms my heart. If any of you have a favorite childhood memory, one that really brings back the jingle in the bells, let us know. Please reply or post to this blog. We want every one across the globe to share in these memories. It can be something as simple as a favorite toy, or a perfect Christmas. Maybe even that special snowy day before the 25th. Whatever the memory please post it here and share with others who may visit the site. Mine was when I was 6. We lived in this small community, our family being one of only 4 families on our road. Here in this quant location, everyone knew everyone else. One Christmas, just the year before my Grandpa past away all my family gathered at our house, small as it was for Christmas eve. We all laid on blankets stretched out in the living room around the Christmas tree. Just before 9pm, we turned on the record player and listened to old Christmas songs by Frank Sinatra and Perry Como, Bing, and Rosemary, Gene Autry and Burl Ives.  Then about 9 :30,  my mom brought in fresh piping hot cocoa to all the kids. Outside the snow had been falling for over 3 hours and the ground was nearly all covered. All around the tree was a train that slowly crept along its track. Then right before we were asleep, mom gathered us all up and we went to bed, leaving the adults behind. The next morning where a once empty tree trunk and stand stood, was dozens of gifts, all wrapped in gleaming paper. We ran over and tore into them, the one's with our names on them that is. You know I think even after Santa brought all the gifts, the most special memory was all of us being together, listening to those songs. Some singing along, others humming best they could.
Well here's your chance to bring back those memories once again. Post and share  

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