Created for all:With a touch of magic

Created for all:With a touch of magic
Since the 11th century

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Wow its almost Christmas 2014! A word of warning!

Good morning nutcracker fans!
We are back for the 2014 holiday season and ready to brings some great new ideas and info that is rather well earth shaking.First of all we want to tell you nutcrackers around the world are busy spreading an early Christmas cheer to the villages and communities throughout the world. We have some new visitors to the site and hope this year people will post comments and offer suggestions and ideas to make the season bright. Now as you may know we here at nutcracker central are believers in the Christ the son of God. And we try to bring info and warnings when we can. This week our elder has brought rather disturbing news to the village of warnings. A warning not so different from the old testament prophet Isaiah in his book. We want to share these warnings with you our readers and give you some homework to read and pass along. As you know this world especially the western world has continued down a rather selfish and dark path. We here at nutcracker central remember a lighter time, where people loved one another, or at least had respect for the people around them. We remember when our books and media brought a lesson for our young elves of values, peace,humbleness and good wholesome wisdom. Now the nations turn their back on God Jehovah and insist on destroying everything he built for us. The elder came to our command center with dire warnings of impending judgements for the west and especially the United States should they not repent and turn back to God. Did you know that Israelites once came to America before Columbus? Did you know that the founding of America was to be a missionary outpost? I want you to go out and buy two books for a quiet reading. Both are by the modern day prophet Jonathan Cahn. The Harbinger and the mystery of the schmita. These books will cause yours eyes to be opened! Also the Bible books Jude and Joel. Both short and to the point.
OK now that my heart has conveyed these warnings, we do want to let you know that nutcrackers have a biblical saying that helps during the holiday season for non believers. Faith is the evidence of things hoped for and the substance of things unseen. Now that being said we need to vamp up our Christmas cheer! To do that we have a simple solution. Remember a time maybe a Christmas when you felt the love of family, without technical gadgets or distractions. Where you could find true peace and happiness. Where family or friends, a pet, a loved one or even a stranger touched your heart. Let's now being that feeling back to someone you know. By spreading it, the Christmas cheer will return in its full Glory! You are a lamp. The difference is will you offer light and be a lighthouse for stranded and lost ships or be a glimmering candle barely visible.

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