Created for all:With a touch of magic

Created for all:With a touch of magic
Since the 11th century

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Mrs Clauses's favorite Christmas Poems

Hi there, Tonight we Nutcracker Elves have been really busy trying to build Santa's prized nutcracker's in time for the trip....however Cindy our elf in training came across some of Mrs Clause's favorite Christimas poems and I'm not certain if any of you are interested in Christmas poems or not, but she wanted to share some of them. Oh by the way, next week, beginning on Thursday we will be starting our video blogging which will highlight myself and other elves videoing out messages daily instead of typing them. So be sure to take down our website address and tune in daily. Ok, Cindy is telling me to stop chatting and add the poems sooo here goes. hope you enjoy them.

IT'S NEARLY CHRISTMASI write this in September
And I can already see my breath
Because the temperature is falling
To fifty degrees or less;
There are frosted mornings
And skies are turning gray;
Next thing, there'll be snowdrifts
Fit for a sleigh.

In stores, they're gearing for Halloween
With pumpkins on display;
After October 31, we'll count the days
To shop til Kris Kringle Day;
Just when I thought the craze was over
And the presents were put away,
Alas! I hear Santa "ho-hoing",
It's nearly Christmas Day.

Christmas is a magical time,
Is there any doubt?
But I'm going to need a psychotherapist
To get my anxeties out!
The sugarplums might be dancing,
But they're messing up my mind;
The silver bells aren't doing much
To help me unwind.

September comes and October goes,
November is just a glance;
Once again, there'll be invitations
To another holiday dance;
I'll decorate the Christmas tree
With icicles, stars, and lights,
But I'll need a ton of eggnog
To get me through this night!

--Joel Bjorling, Gilson, USA Age 58

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There is one last present under the Christmas tree,
I wonder whose it is?
Is it for the little girl with the rocking horse,
Or is it for Grandma or Aunt Liz?
It looks so lonely,
Sitting there by itself;
It’d certainly be an awesome addition
On "somebody’s" shelf.

The ribbon is gold,
The paper is paisley red;
"Who does it belong to?"
Keeps rattling in my head;
I decided to snatch a peek,
And see whose name is on the card;
It’d only take a second,
It won’t be very hard.

When no one was looking,
I reached under the tree,
Carefully handling the package,
"Who knows, it may be for me!"
But when I read the card,
I thought it was extraordinarily odd,
Because the message read,
"Love and blessings," God.

--Joel Bjorling

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A Christmas Kiss

Rejoice that we are all together
For a day like this.
Two things keep us happy, warm
A Christmas hug from you my dear
And in return a Christmas Kiss.

Merry Christmas from the heart,
To ones I hope will never part.

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I Wish That I Could Wrap Up Christmas

I wish that I could wrap up all the love and Holiday cheer
That comes along with Christmas and with New Year's every year,
Pack it in a pretty box and put it on my shelf
And pull it down again each year and give it to myself.

I wish that I could tie up all my favorite carols with twine,
Wind around some ribbon, too, and for twelve months call them mine
Until the next Yuletide came when the sounds again could be unfurled
And untie every single one then give them to the world.

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Reason for the Season

When eggnog's generously filling
Each and every Christmas mug
And siblings tour miles and miles
To greet you with a hug
There's scarce else I'll be wishing
Than this simple little prayer
Of peace and calm and blessings much
On Christmas Day this year.

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Bundled Bird

Bundled bird,
It is Christmas time, so sing for us again.
Beautiful bird,
With magical rhyme, bring us smiles again.
Hold us please,
With every word, bundled bird,
Shake the snow,
Spread your wings, sing and let us in.
Bundled bird,
Warm from the storm; share your melody
It is Christmas time,
Sing once more and we will always love thee.

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Again That Time of Year is Here

Again that time of year is here
When wreaths elves lights appear
The hue of Santa's suit and sleigh
Adding color the wintry skies of gray
Until pansies roses tulips grow
Melting all of the Season's snow
But I like holly gifts Advent more
Than all that springtime holds in store
For it's this I'll tell you I so adore:
Again that time of year is here
When wreaths elves lights appear.

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Three Wise Men

Three wise men knowing not who you are
Ride across the desert following only a star.
Three wise men in honor of your birth
Ride across the desert chanting, "Peace on Earth".
Three wise men, wise by God's own hands
Ride across the desert traveling from distant lands.
Listen baby Jesus, sacred gift from Heaven handed down to Earth
Three wise men ride tonight to see your Holy mirth.

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The Winter Heart

Wish but one wish when winter comes,
Dream but one dream of the past.
The light from a fire is in all our homes
But the flames from the hearth won't last.

For faint and few are the embers,
Snuggle up and keep on your gloves;
What the Winter Heart always remembers
Is the warmth of a heart that loves.

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I walk the wicked winter wind

I walk the wicked winter wind
That dances up like nightlife
And almost am turned as snow is
To hibernate
Just one last time within your arms.

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A Christmas Limerick

There once was a boy of Ole,
Who was mean, dirty and often stole.
But one day he was caught
And for Christmas he got naught
But an empty stocking full of coal.

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A Dream of Christmas

I had kindled the hearth to warm my toes and started some Hickory brew
To heat up my insides as well, as another December day was through.
And breathing in that wholesome scent, I closed my worn eyes tight
Resolved that I might dream a bit that cold and snowy night.

In the almost formless shadows, the quiet cabin came alive.
Whispering messengers delivered me gifts as the clock struck Ten-and-Five:
The crackle of the fire, the creaking of the floor,
The childlike wintry whining of the wind beneath the door.

Like an echo ever-coming, sounds bounced from every cob:
From the eaves to the boards to my ivory doorknob.
And then in fright and worry I spun around in place
And there before my ornate mantle crept the shadow of a face.

The shadow bore a beard that stretched almost from sight.
It flickered and it quivered in the muted candlelight.
It seemed to hold immense respect for whom it reflect
And in that moment it was enough just to stay circumspect.

But as my nerves were calming enough to clearly think
The most surprising, brilliant light forced my eyes to blink.
There when I reopened them in beauty that made me gape
Were glistening elven sprites about and Santa donned in velvet cape.

Lo! It was the grandest thing to watch that cheerful pack
Race to lace the finest ruby ribbons round my tree and back.
From Santa's sleeves red ringing bells shot out like from a gun
Followed by green garlands and globes that filled the room as he spun.

Betwixt this glorious tumult open flew my shutter doors,
A gusty wind freezing cold the candles to their cores.
Gone was all illumination, in black the chamber stood.
I heard but recapitulation of the horn owl in the wood.

Then again the hearth flames livened allowing me to see -
No Christmas bells rang anywhere; no ribbons wrapped my tree.
My visit from Santa Claus had been but reverie.
So with a smile I lay me down to again with Santa be.

The Wreath is on the Door

The wreath is on the door
And the snow is on the tree
God has laid His holy hands
On all that we can see.

Be quick to raise your voice
And praise what He has brought.
Keep now His love in every choice
And Christmas in every thought.

A Winter Limerick

There once was a man made of snow,
Who grew happy and bigger whene'er the wind would blow.
But some kids playing a trick
Gave him a candle and a wick
And soon he was only H2O.

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