Created for all:With a touch of magic

Created for all:With a touch of magic
Since the 11th century

Friday, November 25, 2011

What was your favorite holiday animation tune?

Good Night and Sleep Tight from all of us here at the nutcracker headquarter. We wants to leave you with a bit of Christmas Trivia. In the comments, and please start leaving your comments about the website, there is a comment box to click on right below every blog post. We encourage your view and comments. It's what makes us better. Even if you came on this blog expecting to buy nutcrackers, we do have links to the very best. But don't leave without posting. Oh now where was I? Oh yes. Christmas trivia. In all the animated cartoons of your childhood, or Christmas song, what is your favorite holidaye tune and was there a fruit, nut, or item listed that you can name found in the song? Post your comments with the answers, we will be gleefully waiting.

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